Monday, January 13, 2014

Grief Changes

(author unknown)

     Grief is a process and nothing stays the same.  Even if you feel you have remained ‘stuck’ in the same hurting place, you have moved in the Valley.  You are continually making progress even when you slip backwards or sideways for a time.  It becomes the GRIEF SHUFFLE…..1 step up, 2 steps back, 2 steps sideways, we all fall down.  The hard part is that the music keeps changing ALL THE TIME!!

     You may have stumbled around in the dark for a long time.  But as you learned the steps you may have found others dancing around the same stones.  And you discover you are NOT alone.  Although you may have experienced the loss of some of your closest friends, you begin to meet others, staggering through the same pain.  The journey doesn’t get much easier, but it does become less lonely.

     And grief changes… we change.

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  1. These truly are words of wisdom. Nothing wrong with grief, just as long as one make room for other things in the meanwhile.