Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday In Heaven Bobby

Hope you won't mind, but today is our son Bobby's birthday - he would have been 38 and he's spending his second birthday in heaven.. Happy Birthday Bobby and to all the children in heaven - Cherie Houtson..


Know that you’re loved and thought of each day
As you celebrate your 38th birthday in a very different way
Yes this year you’ll celebrate in heaven with your sisters and Nana Mae
While we celebrate here, please know how much we wish you’d have stayed

Yes 38 years ago you arrived on a Monday at four thirty six, mid-afternoon
At St. Paul’s in Dallas, Texas ~ just a little too soon
A healthy five pounds though, how happy you made us
Finally a baby we could take home, so we left in a rush

Despite how much I miss you, and I do more than I can say
The moment I’m with your boys, I see you in every way
It’s so much fun to watch them - they have your best parts
The twinkle in your eyes, your wit and great charm
Are no doubt Dylan and Justin, they both have your warm heart

Oh how I pray, you rest in peace, are free and happy
No more pain or heartache, tough decisions, yes life can be crappy
So watch over us all, our own guardian dear
As we allow you to rest, help our tears and sadness disappear

There’s no doubt just how much, your boys miss you each day
Can you see how they’ve grown, as they play in these waves
How many times did you play here under this very same tree
Yes should be here in Newport, but it wasn’t meant to be

Did you get their balloons - even the butterfly they set free...

So as each wave comes crashing, and tears continue to pour
Just waiting o’er the horizon, just on a distant shore..
I believe in my heart that Mildred knew of what he spoke..
Yes, just over the horizon, out of view, that’s where you are
We know you’re watching over us, he's right-heaven’s not far

Until we meet again my son, find peace, sleep well my child

Mom and all your family & friends - We love you
Happy Birthday in Heaven Bobby

August 27, 1973 - September 19, 2009

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