Saturday, April 28, 2012


Isn't it amazing how so many little things remind us of our children when they were little, and for those of us whose children have "gone too soon" those memories can be so very bittersweet.  They can bring a smile one moment and trigger an avalance of tears the next...  For me "kites" can do that - remembering my boys when they were little and how much they love to fly kites.  This is something that Dan and I love doing now with our grandchildren, at my favorite spot in Newport, RI - on the edge of the ocean, but now even with all their smiles & giggles and running about, those kites also remind me of this poem and our wish that our children who are gone too soon, might also be "floating freely - peacefully - above"...   Thank you Marcia for sharing this with us... Cherie Houston

~ by Marcia Alig, TCF/NJ

Brushed golden by the sun
A kite flies free above greening meadow,
Drifting lazily until it turns to catch the eddy of
A flock of trumpeting geese homeward bound.

Fragrance of early Spring flowers
Makes me giddy with the thought
That You too fly unfettered to drift or chase dreams,
Dreams beyond imagination,
Unrestrained by life or expectations.

Now I cherish each kite that rises to the wind
 Because it fills me with memories,
Memories of your gifts of love. 

BUT.only sometimes..
I wonder whether you remember, too.  

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