Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st - a sign that Mother's Day is just around the corner

by Cherie Houston, Journey from Mourning to Joy, LHC, AZ

Yes it's May 1st - and no doubt the commercials and ads for Mothers Day are everywhere... Another holiday that seems to knock us down and remind us - like cold water thrown at us - that our child or children are no longer here.

For parents who have lost their only child - holidays like Mother's Day and Father's Day can be almot unbearable, and even for those of us who are blessed to have other children, grand-children or great-grand-children often find holidays like Mother's Day difficult - yes they can be "grief triggers" that catapult us down the mountain into that roaring river of grief...

Nothing we can do or say can ease these triggers - the waves of emotions that you might experience;  but one thing I've learned over the years and you may have heard (and it's true) is that the anticipation of certain days is almost always much worse than the actual holiday, birthday or anniversary itself... You may not believe it, and it may not be easy, but you will get through it..  How you do that will be as varied as each of our own circumstances - just remember there is no right or wrong way... 

No matter what you might think or have been told, no matter what, you are now and will always be a mom, nothing will ever change that. Whether your child or children are angels or thriving, the moment we conceive, we earn the title of "mom, mother, ma" and it is an incredible title that will remain with us until we ourselves are finished here on earth and return home to heaven...

We hope that the articles we'll share with you every day for the next few weeks will help you in some small way to find peace in your heart.. Lots of Love & hugs from one mom to another as we celebrate the most wonderful title we've ever been given "Mom"...Cherie Houston

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