Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Insights on Grieving By Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar is an author and considered by many to be the most incredible motivational speaker ever - his life experiences are a continual inspiration to so many - this short list are from his book, Confessions of a Grieving Christian - We hope you will find some, if not all, helpful on your journey...

Acknowledge the grief and allow the process to occur.

 Dont impose limitations.  Grief is intensely personal.  Dont try to control how you or others grieve.

 Dont expect grief to be logical.  Allow for contradictions..the laughter, the moments that sadness is forgotten, sometimes, the sense of relief when death finally comes.

Recognize miracle moments and other evidence of Gods comfort:  A burst of joy in an otherwise sad season, a song or some other reminder of the loved one in a way that eclipses the sadness.

PRAY.. TALK TO GOD about the needs of your family and ask Him to help you not feel alone in your grief. 

Dont make any effort to hold back the tears.  It is not a question of being brave.

Do not forget the person who has died or deny the intricate ways the person was a part of your life.

Allow the grieving person to just TALK.  Dont be afraid to give HUGS in silence.

It is never too late to write condolences.  Often, a letter received months later comes at the most appropriate time.

Do not say God took the deceased because HE needed him or her in Heaven. God does not need us; we need HIM.

Do not ask for details on the actual death; those facts are extremely painful.                                          

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