Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Lights

I wish I could remember how and when I received this, but I don't..  But I hope you will find the message helpful as we muddle our way through what can be a very difficult month - December when we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas.. so I want to thank the authors and hope that they won't mind my sharing it with you... as together we find our own way to find peace amongst our memories this month...Cherie Houston

Holiday Lights, written by Bettye and Sam Rosenberg, TCF, Louisville, KY

During the holiday season, both Christians and Jews light  candles in celebration of their respective faiths, and as they do so, even the darkest of rooms become warm and bright from the glow of the candle. Then, we can ask ourselves how powerful and sinister can the darkness be if it can be overcome by the light of one little candle?

There is then a message in this for all of us. When the darkness seems to overwhelm us, and it can be a mental and spiritual darkness as well as the darkness of winter night, we need to be reminded that it is powerless to withstand the smallest bit of illumination.

So, as the world grows colder and darker during these winter months, we as Compassionate Friends must do what people of many faiths have been taught to do at this season. 

Light a candle in someone’s life to make the darkness and fears flee. A little bit of light is all that most of us need, but, oh, we need that little bit so badly.

So, let us all extend a candle of light and hope not only to each other, but to the unfortunate people who, for whatever reason, become one of us this winter and will be in need of that light. It’s the least we can do and it accomplishes so much.


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