Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SISTERS IN GRIEF - A Favorite Poem

We all have something in common today
The gift of a child that was suddenly taken away
Our wonders, our whys and our feelings of disbelief
Have brought us all together as Sisters in Grief.

Whether our child’s stay with us was short or long
Nothing can replace the love we have that’s so strong.
It is the kind of a love that only mothers can share,
A love and a bond that you just can’t compare.

That bond that was created inside and continued throughout
Was something short of a miracle without a doubt.
And through the stories and the memories we are now passing on,
Our child continues to live, even though they are gone.

So as our wonders and whys slowly disappear as does our disbelief,
We will continue on this journey together celebrating their lives as Sisters in Grief.
And we must always remember that when it’s time for us to take that walk alone,
Our child will be there with open arms to welcome us home.

© 2009 Michele Siegman ~ Azusa, CA

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