Monday, March 1, 2010


~Betty Davis, Marion Ohio BP/USA~

As the winds blow, often violently, it is as if there is an attempt to wake us from our winter lethargy. The birds began to sing, calling to us. The dormant trees begin to move in the breeze. We see the first buds. Witness a crocus peeping through the encrusted ground.
Regardless of our griefs and regrets, life goes on, whether we participate or not. This can be a season of renewal. We can symbolically plant a flower, a tree, or a bush, and nurture it as we loved our child. As the plant flourishes and adds beauty to our lives, we can experience a sense of creation just as our child added meaning to our lives.
It’s time to sort out the good memories when we do our spring cleaning. Discard the anger, regret, disappointment and sorrow. Shake it out and throw it away. Hold on to all that is good. Cherish it forever. It’s time to make a constructive effort to restore ourselves. We hope the gales of the March winds will awaken you to a new beginning. May the ‘winter of our discontent’ disappear.
We wish for you to live in the future with your happy memories.

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