Saturday, March 20, 2010

One of These we welcome spring

One of these days....
  • You will realize you got through the day without crying.
  • You will bite into a piece of fruit and actually taste the sweetness.
  • You will find yourself smiling.
  • You will recognize again that stranger in the mirror.
  • You will notice that the season has changed.
  • You will feel the sun on your face.
  • You will actually laugh out loud.
  • You will wake and not dread the day ahead.
  • You will speak your child's name and smile.
  • You will come to terms that for all your questions there are NO answers!
  • When you are ready, you will know you’ll be okay, not whole ever again, but okay, ONE OF THESE DAYS…..
But until that day comes, and it will,
  • Try not to imagine the future: take one day at a time. Allow yourself to cry, both alone and with your family. 
  • Don’t shut out other family members from your thoughts and feelings. Share these difficult times. You may all become closer for it. 
  • Try to be realistic about expectations for yourself, your spouse, and other family members and friends. If each of us is unique and different try to find a good understanding.  
  • When a good day comes, relish it! Don’t feel guilty and don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t last. 
  • Take care of your health. Even though the mind might not care, a sick body will only compound your troubles.
  • Drink lots of water, take stress type vitamins, rest (even if you don’t sleep) and get moderate exercise. Help your body to heal as well as your mind.
  • Share your feelings with other compassionate friends and let them share with you. You will find that as you begin caring about the pain of others, you will start to come out of your shell…a very healthy sign. 

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