Thursday, April 21, 2011


~ Betty R. Ewart, BP/USA National Newsletter

“Spring has come, The grass has riz, I wonder where the flowers is?”

For some reason that poem, bad grammar and all is going through my head over and over this year.Our Ruthie died on Easter and spring came and I guess the grass and the flowers “riz” that year; but I don’t remember it!

This year we have had so much bad weather and cold that it seems that spring will never come.Somehow we expect that, when the weather gets sunny and warm again, and the growth comes back, we will be all well again. Somehow, the fact that what died in the fall and winter and is now showing new life and coming back is not the answer.

Then we think, let’s have our children come back now and we can get back to “normal.”

It’s hard to look at spring those first years after the death of our child and not have these thoughts.However, if we have a belief and faith in the resurrection, we may one day come to realize that all life is a cycle and there is and will be a resurgence of life at times when it may seem the dreariest.

So, when the grass and flowers begin to come back and when those of us who like to garden begin to plant and clear the garden, we can begin to have hope that we will see our children again some day.

Another lesson spring brings to us is that those flowers, when they come back, are not the same flowers. They have a new life and a new look. We also know that this is true of us. We are not the same people we were before our child died. We “come back” into life a changed person – hopefully a person changed for the better.

So, the grass, flowers and butterflies will soon be back and maybe we can begin to clear the cobwebs and concerns in our lives and become a new spring creation too. It won’t happen overnight and maybe not this year, but it will happen!

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