Monday, December 5, 2011

Poem about Lighting Candles & Christmas Day

When The Time Comes For Lighting Festive Candles, 
Let Them Remind You Not Only Of What You Lost
But What You Had.

I thought I would share this poem, from the Bereaved Parents archives, about the upcoming holiday season…  This was written by Carolyn Bryan ~ John Michael Bryan’s Mother ~ Orange Park, FL

Christmas Day

Christmas is coming, it’s that time of year.
But things won’t be the same this year.
There’s no little boy to be patient and wait
As he tries so hard to anticipate

What he’ll get on that happy day,
When Santa Claus will come his way.
For there are no presents for my little boy,
There’ll be no more games or no more toys.

But even though Santa will pass us by
The memory of you will never die.
For if I close my eyes, I can see,
The way Christmases used to be.

I can see you open each gift with surprise,
I can see the happiness light up your eyes.
Your joy and excitement was a sight to behold.
These are treasures worth more than gold.

Christmas won’t be the same, it’s true
But Christmas will always hold part of you.
For the joy you were, can’t be taken away,
And I’ll remember my son on Christmas Day.

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