Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mixed emotions during the holidays ~ You are not alone

I want to thank Susan Blantin from LaJolla, CA for sending this to me. Susan’s sister Patrice lost her 13 year old daughter almost 3 years ago in an accident and has found comfort in the services of this clinician. Susan told me that the following a quote from Amber website that her sister Patrice visits (along with ours) – Amber is a Clinical Social Worker and does extensive work and blogging to help with “self healing” using yoga, reiki and other mind & body therapies.… Susuan thought it might help, as it has helped her sister dealing with the mix of feelings the holidays bring to those who might be grieving…Cherie Houston

If you are one of the people for whom the holidays are not so happy (or are perhaps a mix of happy & sad & other stuff), know that you are not alone. I also hope that, as you experience the wide range of human emotion during this holiday time, you can honestly share that with someone who is willing to listen.

Whether you are grieving a recent loss or a more distant one, many people are feeling exactly the same. Maybe it’s time to reach out for a little social contact, maybe it’s time to stay home and rest, or maybe you need a smidge of both. Only you can figure that out for your Self. Denying your Self the right to feel what you feel can have all kinds of negative effects. So pick your favorite self-care strategy or engage in some self-reflection to get you back to your Soul center. It’s right there waiting patiently for you to return. While we struggle with our losses, let us also call to mind the people still here to walk through this life with us.

Whatever your Soul is handling right now, I’m wishing you the grace to let yourself heal and let others in your life know what you need. Be well!

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