Sunday, January 1, 2012


  • I will enter the New Year with Hope
  • I will let myself cry
  • I will tell those I care about ~ that I love them
  • I will remember and let the memories provide smiles
  • I will share my child with others
  • I will watch more sunsets and listen to more bullfrogs
  • I will hold onto my faith
  • I will take time to reflect on my child’s short, but precious life
  • I will eat chocolate
  • I will not bury my grief
  • I will take time for others
  • I will take time for myself
  • I will be kind to myself
  • I will hold my head high, knowing that I am the parent of a very important and special child or children
  • I will find value in life and cherish it, thus honoring my child and all that he/she fought for
Most importantly, as I begin this new year, I will continue on and take my child (or children) along with me into the future..

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