Saturday, March 24, 2012


I've heard this :story: several times since I joined our Moms Bereavement group in November 2009, shortly after the death of my son Bob who had ceelbrated his 36th birthday just a few weeks before with his wife, 2 little boys andmy husband and I...  To this day it continues to remind me of the different phases of our journey and whether we are grabbing someones hand to help pull us into the boat or we are extending our hands to someone who needs help - it emphasizes again the critical importance of surrounding ourselves on this journey with others who understand, who will listen to our pain, to our stories... no matter how long it's been since the death of our children, we all need "a hand to get into the boat" and catch our breath...  I can't say thank you enough to the many hands who have helped keep me afloat through the years... and I hope in turn my hand has helped someone else.....Cherie Houston

~ by Samantha Adams, BP, Australia, in loving memory of her son, James


When we lose our children, we begin a journey. It starts on a stream and each one of us gets into a boat. At first, the river is too fast and unfamiliar. We have no strength to put in the oars, but gradually we learn to row. Sometimes the current is too strong and we drift downstream again.
torrents, overcome and continue on our journey.

At times, it seems so hard– others gain courage to go on. We can look back and see others just getting in the boat and help them too, always there is someone to help us row. We are never alone in our river of tears.

And some day, when we’ve rowed and rowed, we will reach a dock and there will be our children to greet us. They will help us ashore and tell us they knew we could do it. We owe it to our children to be the best people we can.

Our children have always known that we strived to be the best people we could be.  They know they had wonderful parents, parents who loved them and still do.    Yes, we are left behind - but by living the best life we can we honor their memory.. 

So keep rowing on that river of life, and know that your child or children are always there with you.

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