Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Seasons of the heart

Seasons of the Heart ~ by Gen Linski, Manitoba Canada

A few short months ago, I sat on my cottage deck and listened to the loons and the cracking of the ice as Winter shed its cloak and Spring shone through.  

Once again I sit and observe the wonders of nature.  The green and gold of the Autumn leaves shimmer in the frosty air and their reflections are captured on the glass image of the crystal clear waters. 

How much like the changing of the seasons is the process of grief.  One season can be dark, gloomy, and filled with despair, then burst out into a season of color, life, and hope.  Following an emotional high, the comfort of Autumn surrounds us as the cycle of life revolves and the sparkle returns to our eyes. 

With the passing of each season comes not an ending but a new beginning.  And as the seasons change, we, too, will change.  We will pass through the tunnel of despair and on to the eternal light that only we who have experienced the living hell can come to understand. 

Is this not nature’s way of healing the season of the heart? 

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