Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentines Day-The Holiday of Love

I don't know who wrote this or how I received it, but I thought it was appropriate with Valentines Day just around the corner.. Cherie Houston

Valentine’s day, a day of remembering our loved ones with small gifts and great feelings.

When your child was living, did you often remember him or her on Valentine’s Day with a card or a balloon, perhaps a gift of candy or something special that was wanted?  So, why stop that tradition?

Remember your child with love on this special day.  A single rose left at a grave; a special photo in a nice frame to sit on the mantle.  These are ideas from  an article in an old magazine.  It seems like a pretty good idea too!  What a better way to celebrate the Holiday of Love, than by enjoying fond memories of your child or children.

For some of us, remembering our child is something we need to do privately - without fanfare.. 
For others, it's helpful to outwardly remember our child with family and friends on days such as these...  You might find it helpful to make your child's favorite dinner for the rest of the family, or to have special photos scattered around the table to share memories about your child who is gone...  
For some of us it is very important, that when we show those of our living family how much they are loved, that we feel the need to also show how much we remember those who are no longer with us...  

Remember-there is never a right or wrong way to grieve and celebrate our children's lives, we each need to do what works for us..and for our families.  Just because our hearts are broken, we don’t need to ignore the “Holiday of Love” or any holiday for that matter..

We wish you love and peace during this month of love...and always 

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