Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sorrow Is Not Forever ~ Love Is

Today, as many of our moms attend our annual Mom's Retreat at StageCoach Trails in Yucca, AZ I thought it was appropriate to reassure ourselves with the following article "Sorrow is not forever ~ Love Is" which I have found is very true...Although the heartache of losing our children will be with us always, the pain softens, so that going forward, as they would want us to do, gets easier with time... And by the same token, I think our love for them as well as everyone else whom we love grows in leaps and bounds as we get stronger.. it changes us forever .. and proves the theory that true love never dies...Cherie Houston

~ Michael A. Simpson, Birmingham, AL - Bereaved Parents, St. Louis March/April 2006 Newsletter

So often, one attempts to face the whole future at once.  But we will not live that period all at once, only day by day.  Don’t try to face twenty years.  Face today.

When that has been achieved, face tomorrow.  You will find more and more ways in which you can cope.  The Chinese have a saying that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.  There is no way you can take the fifteenth, or the two hundred-seventh step, before you have taken the first.

It can be difficult to face going out again and resuming your regular activities.  IT can take more courage to face the little things than the big things in life.  Going out shopping for groceries for the first time can become an ordeal.  Making the change more complete could help.  Try a different store, a different day or time, and go with a friend.  When it seems very hard to decide what to do first, maybe it’s not very important where you start, as long as you start.  Choose a simple task and get started. 

Once you’ve begun, it will be far easier to set your priorities, and you will have gained in confidence for already having achieved something.

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