Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Legend of the Daisy

The Creator looked down.
All over the earth He saw parents whose hearts were heavy.
They had lost the littlest of His creatures,
their precious children.

He saw their tears and heard their silent prayers.
He sent to earth a special flower…
a flower that would be just for them.
He scattered this little flower far and wide….
in gardens and in fields, along roads and paths,
in bright sunlit pastures and into the darkest corners.

The Creator sent these saddened parents the Daisy,
a little flower to be watered with their tears.

The Daisy symbolized the soul of their children.
Its bright white petals represented their purity and innocence;
the green of its leaves---the promise and hope
for brighter days to come.

The Daisy thrived everywhere.
It stretched its bright face toward Heaven.
The special little flower was given
to remind each Mother and Father
that their little one rested
in the light and beauty of the Creator.

And this, my friends, is the legend of the Daisy.

~~sent by Keny Leepier, Mommy to Raeyn Jolie ~~San Diego, CA

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