Wednesday, April 28, 2010


There is healing in recalling and sharing our memories with someone. This poem is by Marsha Updike~~ from a Compassionate Friends Candlelight Cermemony..
Memories are like rain showers
Sprinkling down upon you
Catching you unaware.

Memories are like thunderstorms
Beating down upon you
Relentless in their downpour
And then they will cease,
Leaving you tired and bruised.

Memories are like shadows
Sneaking up behind you
Following you around,
Then they disappear,
Leaving you sad and confused.

Memories are like comforters
Surrounding you with warmth,
Luxuriously abundant,
And sometimes they stay,
Wrapping you in contentment.

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  1. Hello I am in England and work for a hospice, we really like this poem and would like to put in our programme for our Annual Service of remembrance and thanksgiving. This service is for our bereaved families. I am trying to find out how I can get copyright for it, can anyone help? thankyou ...please email me at :