Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Three N's of Grief

~ by Kennth C. Haugk - Segments from his "A Time to Grieve" - Book 1

You've suffered one of the greatest losses anyone has to experience - the loss of a loved one - your child.  Your life has been truly turned upside down, and it feels as if part of you is missing.  The very real and human response to such as loss is to grieve.  Yet sometimes, people still feel pressured not to grieve.  The message they receive is that grief is optional, abnormal or even a sign of weakness.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Grief is as very normal, natural and necessary process.  I like to call these the three N's of grief...
  • Grief is normal because it is how people respond to a significant personal loss.  It's normal to expect people who've lost someone they love to be deeply affected by their loss.
  • Grief is natural in that it's a completely human thing to do.  We can't avoid grief - it's built into us.  We're created to grieve, just as we're created to love.  We love and when we lose someone, we grieve.
  • Grief is necessary.  Grief provides a healthy way to cope with the loss and everything it means to us.  Trying to ignore or avoid grief won't work.  It will only make the grief last longer and possibly cause even more pain.
The most important thought I can share with you is GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO GRIEVE.  You're human, so let yourself be human,  Sometimes people begin to feel the tears welling up or emotions starting to flow, they they shut off the faucet and try to hold their feelings back, Letting yourself feel is the best and healthiest thing you can dor for yourself and for those you love.

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