Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Postings

Good morning - June 1st is here - so hard to believe how quickly time is passing.

Quick note - during the summer months of June July and August - postings will be done every 4th day.  As always if you have information, poem, story, website, book or other materials you enjoy or have found helpful on your "journey from mourning to joy", we hope you will share it with us, so we in turn can share it with other moms.  We would ask that you always let us know where you got the information, so that proper credit can always be given to the author of the materials...

We wish for you and yours a wonderful, healthy and happy summer.  September 1st we will return to our postings every other day...  Until then, smile and enjoy all that life has to offer - it is for certain what our children would hope we would be doing, in their memories...  Cherie Houston

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