Our Children - Gone Too Soon


Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday in Heaven My Child

Hope you won't mind, but today is our son Bobby's birthday - he would have been 37 and he's spending his first year in heaven.. I thought I would share this poem with you that I received... Happy Birthday Bobby and to all the children in heaven - Cherie Houtson..

Happy Birthday in Heaven My Child

Please help those all around me, to see and understand
That even though my child’s in heaven
The memories of our time together, are always here to stay
You see today is special, after all it’s my child’s birthday

I hope my friends will understand and see how much I care
And better yet can lend an ear, and smile as I share.
I pray they never lose a child or ever know this pain.
I just want them to know, my child’s memories remain

Oh yes today is special, another birthday it should be…
And yes I wish my child was here, but it wasn’t meant to be
I hope the angels sing aloud; I hope my child can see
As we celebrate their life and all their memories…

Love for our child begins so early and never goes away
And I’m grateful for their time on earth, but sad they couldn’t stay
Of course it wasn’t long enough, but how wonderful it was
Their laugh, their smile, but most of all, the gifts they left behind

So I hope that those around, can see beyond my smile
And my Words that, "I'm okay."
And know that yes today is special,
And join along with me
As we celebrate – today – my child’s birthday

Happy Birthday in Heaven My Child…


  1. This is beautiful - I loss both my children - one at 17 in an accident and one at 34 of heart failure. It is a journey from mourning to Joy.

  2. This is so beautiful..I as well lost both of my only two children. One at 10 days from a congential heart defect and another at 29 years for SADS. It's a journey I wish no parent would have to struggle through...

  3. June 23 is my son Matthew Ryan Bloomfield Birthday he will be 27 , he was killed a work related accident October 4 th 2011 who knew that day he would go to work and never come back home I miss him everyday ,9 month after that happen my oldest son Nathan had a car accident and has suffer a life has we new it will never be the same ,