Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes-Thanksgiving is coming

Well, I guess there's no more putting it off ~ Thanksgiving is coming, whether we want it or not.

I'm sure you're beginning to hear plans being made around the office, or wherever, about who's going where, cooking what, bringing what, what was done last year and on and on and on…. Well, alright, already--just do it!

Do they have to talk about it so much? That's pretty much how I felt the first and second year, but I'm beginning to feel good about the holidays again. For all the newly bereaved, believe me, it does get easier to handle.

So I sit here thinking about all of us and how we're all going to handle it, each a little differently, I'm sure.

I pray that all of you find the love in your heart and peace of mind, if only for a moment, to be thankful for the children we so dearly miss, but were fortunate enough to have had touch our lives--if only for a moment. Love and Peace

~ Julie Parr, TCF, Cincinnati

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