Saturday, May 7, 2011

Empty Arms on Mothers Day

~ Author Unknown
Lord, a young woman weeps on Mother's Day
In darkness she sits numb and afraid
She longs for joy from that empty room ..
but now it speaks only of death and the tomb

The distinct scents of her children still persist
A constant reminder of a future missed
The passionate quest that once filled her breast
is buried with her children .. in the tomb it rests.

Memories keep racing through her mind
Such awful agony ... like no other kind
The pain so raw she can hardly bare
Oh dear God ... it just doesn't seem fair

Her babies' so completed her life
but now her heart is filled with strife
Lord today she needs a miraculous touch
from the hand of the Father who cares so much

Her hope rests in Heaven
where her soul will find joy
As she finally embraces
her baby girl and her baby boy

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