Saturday, September 17, 2011

Permission to Be Crazy

When the following excerpt from Eline Stillwell's book was first sent to me in a prayer card after my son Bobby's death, I was surpised by it. I remember thinking it a curious thing to receive - after all I didn't remember having done any of the things in the clipping when either of my two little girls, Randee or Robin died in the early 70's..

But now as we approach the second anniversary of Bobby's death, I realize that I obviously just forgot how crazy grief can make us - yes I was definitely wrong - oh so wrong...

Because since that horrible phone call on September 20th, shortly after midnight telling me that Bobby was gone forever - without a doubt I've done these and many other strange things since that horrible call... And I must admit it's comforting to know that I'm not crazy - I'm simply a mom who is learning to accept a new normal without another one of my children - so if I'm a little crazy from time to time, I know that it is OK.. there is no right or wrong to surviving a loss, but especially when the loss is that of a beloved child.

So please be patient with yourself on your journey through grief.. it's OK to be a little crazy - it's just normal... Cherie Houston...

~ by Elaine Stillwell from “Healing After Your Child’s Death”

It’s OK to do strange things, anything that gives your heart sense of peace, as long as you don’t hurt someone.

Whether you’re running down the beach, standing in the shower, or riding in your car screaming at the top of your lungs, releasing balloons with notes attached, talking to an empty chair, wearing their clothes, baking a cake for their birthday, signing their name on cards, decorating their grave with things they loved, or collecting angels in their memory ~ it’s OK.

No excuses are necessary.

You have learned to do what your heart needs, and that is a BIG step!

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