Monday, September 19, 2011

To My Beloved Son Bobby


Dear Bobby, On the Second Anniversary of Your Going Home

I Wish I Could See You One More Time
Come Walking Through My Door
But, I Know That Is Impossible
I Will Hear Your Voice No More

I Have No Doubt You Feel My Tears
And Don’t Want Me To Cry
Yet, My Heart Is Still So Broken
No, I Still Can’t Fathom Why

Hard To Believe Two Years Have Passed
Since You Made That Decision
So Many Changes, So Many Tears
I Pray That Your Boys, Have The Life You Envisioned

I Pray Every Day That God Gives Us The Strength
To Help Us Find Peace And Help Us Get Through
As We Struggle With This Heartache
That Was Caused When We Lost You

So Much Has Happened, Some Good And Some Bad
But Despite All The Changes, Thoughts Of You Make Us Sad
And Through All My Tears, I Do Understand
God Didn't Take You From Us, He Simply Held Out His Hand

I Know That You Loved Us And I Feel You Nearby
Although We Can’t See You, Your Spirit Won’t Die
And I Know Without Doubt That When My Life Is Through
You’ll Be Waiting With Open Arms For Me To Join You

God How I Love You And Think Of You Daily
And The Day Your Walked Through Heaven's Gates
September 19, 2009

In Precious Memory Of My 36 Year Old Son Robert W. Wood
Adapted from a poem originally written by Teresa Shelton Bright

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