Saturday, September 3, 2011

Prayers for the Floyd Family

Again we are asking for your prayers for Don & Joyce Floyd and their family.. Their daughter Donna posted the following on Don's caring bridge site last night - I in turn am posting it here and will send an email to all our moms whose email addresses I have... We know God is good and ask that he give Don and Joyce and their entire family the strength they will need in the coming days...

Dearest Family and Friends,
After a difficult meeting this morning with the two ICU doctors administering Dad’s care, and their consultation with his Mayo Pulmonary specialist, it is clear that his situation will not be improving. After hearing all the options, Dad’s decision was to go into hospice care. Which means all the IV’s will be removed and the only measures of care for him now will be just those that bring him physical comfort.

He isn’t in the kind of pain one usually associates with cancer, however he is suffering considerably trying to breath. He will remain on an oxygen mask to help him breath.

He is being moved to an in-patient hospice room, which is much larger, and doesn’t have visiting restrictions. We can bring a few of his favorite things give him comfort.

Dad has been a mighty man in his lifetime, and we all know, as my brother David said this morning, that when he stands at the gates of Heaven, he will hear the words “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

We are all incredibly heartbroken at this point but the heartbreak we see in Mom and Dad is a testament of what true love is really about. Please keep them both especially close to your hearts.

Dad is still very conscious at this time and we are treasuring the time he spends with each of us, and he has said that although he doesn’t want to leave us, he is at complete peace.

As much as we have loved and appreciated the visits from our friends, we would like to request that now his time is saved to spend with his family or Pastor. Thank you for understanding and honoring our precious time with him.
We still have family coming in from out of town and are praying he will hold on for a few more days.

Please continue to pray for our Lord to rain down the peace that passes all understanding, and the grace that only comes from Him, as we rest our weary selves in His presence.

Thank you for your love and support.
Much love,
Donna Michelle, the middle child

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