Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Prayer for a peace filled Thanksgiving Holiday

Since my son Bobby's death in 2009, Thanksgiving Dinner is very difficult. I want to share my goal this year as I/we sit down for Thanksgiving Dinner.. Despite the tragic loss of our child or children, maybe this year, we can find the strength to focus on the blessings our children brought into our lives while they were with us, whether our children were lost prior to birth or shortly after, or lost well into adulthood, try to remember the blessed memories they gave us and for this day, try not to focus on our loss of them, but the blessings of their being...

I hope the following prayer will help you thank God and also ask for the strength and courage we all need need during this difficult holiday season and in the months and years ahead as we continue on this journey from mourning to joy.....

From my family to yours, I hope you have a peace filled Thanksgiving - Cherie Houston

Dear Father in Heaven,

As we gather together this Thanksgiving, we thank you for all the blessings you’ve bestowed upon us, you have given us so much to be grateful and thankful for. But you know, this day brings a mix of emotions for all of us gathered here, our hearts are broken and filled with a tremendous emptiness and sadness that the death of our child has brought to us and to our family.

We ask that you give us the strength and courage to dry our inconsolable tears and to instead find joy, peace and happiness in our memories. Please teach us to savor the moments we have with one another, to remember what we have lost, but to see what we still have and to look forward in hope to what is ahead in our futures..

Thank you for being there for us through this terribly painful journey. Although we seem so angry at times, know that we feel your goodness in all the help and support we continue to receive from our wonderful family and friends. Yes, our world is upside down - the order of what we believed life to be is totally out of order, and we are angry that we can’t do anything to right it again. You know and understand our overwhelming pain...

Allow us to be more patient with those around us who don’t know what to stay or do, who stumble and look away when they see us and pretend nothing has happened. Allow us to feel calm and most of all allow us to treasure our memories and find joy in them again.

Yes, thank you Father for all the blessings you’ve bestowed on us and our family, especially for giving us the time with our child, although it was much too brief. Please continue to give us comfort and peace today, through the upcoming holiday season and the days and years ahead. In your name, Amen

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