Monday, April 15, 2013


~ Written by Deb Kosmer

Everyone says “grief is hard work.”  What they don’t always remember to say is watch out for the threads.  

You know those loose threads that pop up from time to tome on your favorite shirt or sweater and no matter how many times you clip them or twist them, before too long, there they are again, defying your best efforts to keep them hidden.  Well, in case you haven’t; noticed grief  has those annoying threads as well.  

Threads that insist on popping up from time to time; leaving you to wonder if you will ever be through with this “grief thing.”  Sometimes a thread comes when you see someone who looks a bit like your loved one.  Sometimes it’s something as simple as seeing caramel apples at the store or smelling their cologne on someone. 

Little things that don’t feel so little when they are taking you places you thought you’d left behind, yes those are Grief Threads...                                                                                            

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