Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Please join me in keeping those impacted by the tragedy in Boston in your prayers

As soon as I heard the news yesterday about the tragic events in Boston, which is the area where my husband Dan and I are from and where our children, grandchildren, extended family and many friends still live, our hearts sank.  How tragic and unimaginable... Because we are still here in Arizona, we immediately began to check in with family and friends, and thankfully all are safe..

I have no doubt that you will all join me in keeping those impacted by this senseless act in your thoughts and prayers...

For so many of you and my students who emailed me since the tragedy in Boston, you'll never know how much I was touched by your concern and well wishes - I feel so blessed to have become part of your lives and know how truly grateful I am for the way in which you reached out... 

We just never know what's ahead each morning when we wake, and despite the trivial issues that may arise throughout the day, it's so important that we learn not to "sweat the small stuff" and tell those who are important to us, just how much we love them...    Love to all and be safe ... Cherie Houston

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