Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Preparing for Mothers Day - Part 5 of 9

DEPRESSED ON MOTHER'S DAY~~ By Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

May women become depressed on Mother's Day because of infertility, death of a child or children, having children who are soldiers fighting overseas, struggling with an illness in the hospital, or imprisoned (convicts have moms, too!) or other family estrangement. These ways to cope may ease sadness and despair for moms that are tinged with tragedy or sadness.

When Your Children Aren't Around on Mother's Day - A child's death or teen suicide can shatter a family or community and cause moms to dread this day in May. Some mothers find comfort in their living children - but some can't move past their grief. If you know someone who has lost a child, remember her this Mother's Day. Give her a call, sympathy card, or an invitation to spend some time with you. Reach out to her; you may be the only one who does!

4 Ways to Help Cope With Depression on Mother's Day

Losing a child isn’t easy and whether this loss was recent or many years ago, Mother’s Day is one of those reminders that can bring us back to overwhelming grief and sadness. Consider these tips to help make the day easier to bear and even enjoyable!
  • Let yourself grieve. Denying or fighting your sadness makes it worse, and isn't physically or emotionally healthy. Give yourself time to mourn. Go for a solitary walk or drive – invite your partner or loved one if that's comforting. Take some quiet time to reflect and honor your memories.
  • Express your emotions. Whether you like to write, paint, exercise, or garden – do something to get your emotions out of you. Yell, scream, take deep breaths, whisper, punch pillows. Connect with God or the Universe.
  • Reach out to those you love. If you've lost your child, smother your remaining kids with hugs, kisses, and sincere appreciation. If you've lost your mom, shower your attention and appreciation on your mother-in-law, aunt, or even an older friend. To ease depression on Mother's Day, show people you love them.
  • Focus on what brings you joy. Jump into what you love to do! Dig in the garden, go to a funny movie, or get out of town for the weekend. Savor life, because you know that's what your loved one would want you to do.

Excerpts from: Suite101: Depressed on Mother's Day: 4 Ways to Cope With Sadness and Despair


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