Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Mom is a Survivor

One year ago today, our 36 year old son Bobby, took his own life.  Bobby left a loving family - 2 wonderful brothers and 2 step-brothers, 3 sisters-in-law, a very large extended family, more friends than most and his wife Jennifer of 11 years and 2 beautiful little boys only 5 & 6, Why? is a question I'm not sure will ever be answered and even it were, it wouldn't change what has happened. 

No matter what the age or circumstances of our beloved children's deaths, the impact & heartbreak is the same and yet we must continue on - we must survive.  I believe with all that I am, that each of our children continue to live on through us and with us..  I think if our children could speak about us, this reflects what they might say.. by surviving and making the most of life, we make them proud but they, unlike so many who share our lives, totally understand our broken hearts... Cherie Houston

~ Kaye Des'Ormeaux

My mom is a survivor,
or so I've heard it said.
But I can hear her crying at night
when all others are in bed.

I watch her lay awake at night
and go to hold her hand.
She doesn't know I'm with her
to help her understand.

But like the sands on the beach
that never wash away...
I watch over my surviving mom,
who thinks of me each day.

She wears a smile for others...
a smile of disguise!
But through Heaven's door
I see tears flowing from her eyes.

My mom tries to cope with death
to keep my memory alive.
But anyone who knows her
knows it's her way to survive.

As I watch over my surviving mom
Through Heaven's open door...
I try to tell her that angels
protect me forevermore.

I know that doesn't help her...
or ease the burden she bears.
So if you get a chance, go visit her...
and show her that you care.

For no matter what she says...
no matter what she feels.
My surviving mom has a broken heart
that time won't ever heal.

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