Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day and Gold Star Moms....

~ by Cherie Houston

Yes today is Memorial Day… a day when we remember fallen soldiers, but I also like to ask you to remember all of their moms...I know that throughout the US, typically it is the last Sunday in September (not today) that our nation pays special tribute to all the brave and loving moms of our fallen heroes – Mom’s who have painfully earned the tile of Gold Star Moms… but I think they deserve our thanks every day...

Yes for Gold Star Moms, this additional title, is one they never wanted yet despite their prayers, and although it’s not September – I feel strongly that they are owed our loving thoughts and heart felt prayers as we remember the sacrifices they and their families have made, hearts broken and the lives of their children that were given..   I hope you will join me in prayer, that she find comfort and peace and know that what her child has given is remembered and they are honored by us all…

So as we salute the flag on this Memorial Day and remember our owned beloved children, say an extra prayer for all the moms who are worried sick about their children serving in the military as well as for those moms whose children gave the ultimate sacrifice – our Gold Star Moms - Thank you and my God be with you and your families…

And today I want to offer a special thank you to Gold Star Mom, Dorothy Schafenocker whose son Mike Schafernocker was a Crew Chief And Door Gunner On A UH 1 B Helicopter With The U. S. Navy "Seawolves" and actually wrote the following poem Wrote The following poem Just Before He Died on April 28th, 1969 When His Chopper Was Shot Down Over Cambodia... Where He And His Pilot And Co-Pilot Were Actually Buried For 8 Months.  Mike was born Feb. 28th, 1949..

Look God

~ by Mike Schafernocker

Look God, I Have Never Spoken To You
But Now I Want To Say "How Do You Do"
You See God, They Told Me You Did Not Exist
And, Like A Fool, I Believed All Of This

Last Night From A Shell Hole, I Saw Your Sky
I Figured Right Then, They Had Told Me A Lie
Had I Taken The Time, To See The Things You Made
I Would Know They Weren't Calling, A Spade A Spade

I Wonder, God, If You Would Shake My Hand
Somehow, I Feel, That You Will Understand
Strange, I Had To Come, To This Hellish Place
Before I Had Time To See Your Face

Well, I Guess There Isn't, Much More To Say
But I Am Glad, God, I Met You Today
I Guess The Zero Hour, Will Soon Be Here
But I Am Not Afraid, Since I Know You Are Near

The Signal - Well, God, I Will Have To Go
I Love You Lots', This I Want You To Know
Looks Like This Will Be A Horrible Fight
Who Knows, I May Come To Your House Tonight

Though I Wasn't Friendly With You Before
I Wonder, God If You Would Wait At The Door
Look I Am Crying, Me Shedding Tears!!
I Wish I Had Known You, These Many Years

Well, I Will Have To Go Now, God, Goodbye
Strange, Since I Met You I Am Not Afraid To Die
Shades Of Laughter... Shades Of Love
Circling All Of Us... With Arms Of Love

Don't Cry Momma... I Love You Still
I Always Have And I Always Will
When You Cross The Big Divide
I Promise... I'll Be The First One By Your Side!

Copyright © 1968-2012 
~ by Mike Schafernocker, Used With Permission Of Mike's Mom Dorothy

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