Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mothers Day is Upon Us

~ by Vivian Gans, TGF/Camden County, New Jersey

It’s May and the earth is getting warmer.  The flowers are in full bloom.  The birds are back.  Young animals are running around and butterflies will soon be fluttering about.
Mothers Day is upon us and for a newly bereaved parent this day brings with it a great pain for your heart and soul.  It s a heartache for those who have lost their only child/children.  The question   “Am I still a mother?” dances in their heads.  For anyone who conceived a child, they will still be a mother, no matter what.  Don’t ever let anyone try to take that away from you.  From the time that child is conceived and starts to grow in our bodies, we are mothers.
Those of us who have other children, don’t forget them.  We are their mother also,.  Our living children need us, sometimes now more than ever.  They need our help and support for all the heartaches and pressures here on earth, including that of losing their brother or sister.

This Mothers’ Day, think of the child you lost; but most of all reach out and hug the child or children you still have here with you if you are fortunate to have children still with you. 
For those of you have lost your only child, look around.  There are children whose mothers have turned their back on their children, there are children who are hurting because they have no mother.. Look around your neighborhood, school or church.  There is someone to whom you could each out and be a friend..

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