Sunday, May 13, 2012

To My Mother, Happy Mother’s Day

Thank you to Barbara Bentran from Newcastle, Wyoming for sending this poem to us for Mothers Day. She said she received this poem a few years ago from a co-worker of her husbands on Mother's Day in memory of their daughter "Cheyenne" who became an angel on Nov. 10th 2006 when she was 2 months old.

To My Mother, Happy Mother’s Day
 ~ by Dawn Mitchell 1998

I see you each time
you shed a tear
I catch it and kiss you
I hope you know that I'm near

This place is so beautiful
There's so much to see!
I know that someday
You'll be here with me.

The angels were singing
When I arrived!
Jesus was there
With His arms open wide!

The snow and the rain
Are just my confetti.
I know you'll be coming
And I want to be ready.

When you feel the wind
It's me walking by
I can run and skip now
I can even fly!

When the blossoms and leaves
Fall into your hair
It's me planting kisses
Yes, I put them there!

The birds are singing
To keep you company
They're especially for you
With love from me.

I know that you miss me
And feel so alone
Until the great day
When you finally come home

Please remember this mom
As seasons change from one to another
I'll always love you
You're my friend and my mother

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