Monday, December 27, 2010

Something positive and meaningful from the tragedy of our child’s death

I’m lovingly copying and posting segments of an article written by a mom about the sudden death of her 20 year old son that was murdered… The link for the entire article is noted below and I hope you will read it - but what I found so special about her article was what she learned on her journey from mourning to joy - her insight.  So, as we all prepare for the new year ahead I hope we can all learn something from her journey..  She has taken this horrific tragedy and in the processing of learning to go on without her son, she sees things differently ~ nit negatively as you might think, but instead some very positive ways...  I hope this will help each of us find peace as we move along our journey, not only for our own sake, but for those around us whom we love and to honor the memory of our beloved children… No matter the age of our child or how they died – I hope you will find her insights  as inspiring as I do each time I read this… Cherie Houston

~ by Stella Wichman (May 2010)
  • I now make time for and prioritize my family and friends differently.
  • I do not put things off or wait to say important things to those I care about like I may have in the past.
  • I do not want to have unfinished business with anyone important to me because I now know that no one is guaranteed a tomorrow.
  • I now tend to live in the moment more relishing the small things I used to overlook in my hurry to get things done.
  • I choose my battles better and don’t get caught up in stupid matters that are trivial now realizing that my energies can better be applied to things that truly are worthy of my time and energy.
  • I appreciate life more now that I have experienced such a traumatic thing.  
I did not chose this to happen, but what I did find was that I could choose to pull something positive and meaningful out of such a tragedy.

Peace & Light, Stella Wichman

To read the entire article here is the link…

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