Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our meeting this week, Thurs., Feb 10th, will be held at Mohave Community College

Just a quick reminder, that our meeting this Thursday, February 10th will be held at Mohave Community College, 1977 West Acoma Boulevard, LHC in Room#818.

Because of Spring Frenzy, our Rooms LHC Aquatic Community Center will NOT be available, so for this one week, we will be meeting at the Mohave Community College Campus, in Bldg. #800, Room #818 from 10 until Noon.

The focus of our February 10th meeting will be: "Be Gentle With Yourself While Grieving" and it will be another fun and enjoyable meeting. Rita Stone, a Therapeutic Massage Therapist who lives here in the winter, will be leading the Moms in hand massages, and shoulder and neck massages. Sound fun? please attend.

Any questions call: Joyce Floyd @ 453-7940

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