Friday, February 18, 2011

Update on Don Floyd

Sadly, the news about Don is not as good as we'd all hoped - so more than ever your prayers and good thoughts are needed.

Much to their disappointment, the doctors have explained that the cancer in Don's lung is very aggressive and very advanced - Stage 4, and although it is treatable, it is not curable and concern is it may have already begun to move to the brain. They will return to Mayo early next week for a MRI Brain Scan but know already that the first step will be to begin aggressive chemotherapy. Radiation may be done at a later time to reduce the largest tumor, but sadly there are too many tumors to address with radiation.

There is hopeful news: Don has NO symptoms and this is a good sign, and those who know Don, know how strong a man he is physically, as well as emotionally and without any doubt - he is incredibly strong in his faith. And he has tremendous support from his family, friends and his adoring wife, Joyce... They know that God is with them and they will continue to rely on the strength that can only come from Him.

Don, Joyce and their entire family know and appreciate the power of prayer and know that your warm thoughts are with them. They truly appreciate our understanding for their need for privacy right now and are so grateful that they've not been inundated with calls and visits, so that they can continue to concentrate on the tasks at hand..

So we ask that you and your families continue to keep them in your prayers and we will keep you posted..

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