Sunday, February 13, 2011

Special Prayer Request for Don Floyd

I would like to ask that we join together with special prayers for Don Floyd, Joyce Floyd's husband, who has been diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the lower part of his left lung.

Many of you will remember that this time last year we were praying for Joyce as she began her courageous battle against breast cancer. Your prayers played a critical part in her winning that challenge, so I'm confident that if we join together, Don will have the same wonderful results...

Don's Cardiologist has given the permission for him to move forward with lung surgery if that is what is required, so after some additional testing, including a Pet Scan tomorrow, they will know what the next steps will be..

In your prayers we ask that Don, Joyce and their family will have the strength to deal with this challenge, but most importantly right now, is that the Pet Scan tomorrow will show that there is NO CANCER ANYWHERE ELSE in his body, which will mean then that he will be a candidate for the surgery to remove the left lower lobe of his left lung.

As always, Don, Joyce and their family thank each of you for your love and ongoing support and prayers.

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  1. I am just now reading, "Why Would a Good God Allow Suffering." I still don't know why but Don and Joyce have been through more than their share. I will certainly be praying and loving them. I love you guys, Pam Pauley