Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DIFFICULTY OF FAMILY CELEBRATIONS ~Employees Assistance Program (from American Hospice Foundation © 2002 )

Family celebrations can be difficult for a number of reasons:
  • Pictures are brought out and shared. If you want to, bring out your own if it feels right.
  • Hushed conversations - you may walk into a room that suddenly gets quiet. You suspect that others have been talking about you. This may not be true; we are very sensitive when we are grieving, and it is easy to come to the wrong conclusion. However, you can bring up the name of your loved one to let others know it is okay to talk about him/her.
  • It may be painful to attend a particular holiday function when your child, spouse or other loved one has just died. If you find it too difficult to attend, say so and send your regrets. If you feel you must go, explain that you will be there but are not sure you will be able to stay. Make sure you have a friend who can leave with you. If possible, sit on the fringe of the function so you can slip out easily.

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