Monday, December 28, 2009

How to Regain Joy After Loss ~ Tips 4 thru 6

Here are the next three tips to help you regain joy in your life - Tips 4-6; Written by Dr. Lissa Rankin, from the website:

4. Find a spiritual community to support you. For many of us our faith is what sustains us through tragedy, but for some, tragedy can cause us to doubt our faith. Be patient with yourself, you will find your faith again. In the meantime or if you are not a church-goer, try a yoga class, a spiritual dance experience, or a dharma talk.

5. Eat well. When you’re grieving, it’s easy to lose the motivation to prepare healthy food, so it’s easy to let your health slide. Joy will be hard to find if you’re ill. Take care of YOU.

6. Make a date to get out of your home at least once a week. Schedule friends that will pick you up and do something enjoyable and playful with you that makes you smile and that you truly enjoy.

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