Saturday, December 12, 2009


Ideas shared from other mothers on how they remember their child during the holidays...
  • Contribute something to a group or program in memory of your child. EX: books to a library, gift to a support group or charity. Buy a gift for a child that is about the age your child would be and donate it to a giving tree.
  • Purchase a special candle and burn it throughout the season in memory of your child.
  • Set an extra place at your table, tell stories, and share memories about your child. Share this time with friends and relatives who are close to you. If this is too hard to do this year, simply say a prayer remembering your child, or light a candle or create a special centerpiece.
  • Name a star for your child through the International Star Registry by writing: 1821 Willow Rd., Northfield, IL 60093.
  • Decorate a tree at the cemetery or in your home especially in memory of your child.
  • Put together an album of his/her photos to place on the coffee table.
  • Decorate a tree outside with red ribbons and lights just for your child. Make it his/her tree.
  • Wrap a gift - a candle, picture, flowers, Christmas ornament; whatever, to open for or from your child-(or give a gift to family members from your child). Open this when everyone else is opening their gifts. It gives you the feeling that you can still share with them.
  • Put all your family stockings up. Write notes to your child or fill it with candy they liked. Share it later with family members or read them when you are alone.
  • Display cards that your child gave you with other holiday cards you receive. If you send cards, simply put your family name as a greeting, so that your child’s name isn’t missing.
  • Don’t be afraid to let go of some holiday preparation. You don’t have to send cards, decorate, bake cookies, go to parties. Be kind to yourself, let others comfort you.
  • If thoughts of God and spiritual things help you, remember the focus of Christmas IS the birth of Christ. Take some time to read and think about this.
  • REMEMBER……Christmas is only one day and the anticipation is usually worse than the day itself.

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