Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How To Regain Joy After Loss ~ Tips 10 thru 12

Here are the next three tips to help you regain joy in your life - Tips 10-12; Written by Dr. Lissa Rankin, from the website:

10. After a reasonable amount of time has passed (during which you get to cry whenever you damn well want to), set aside time to grieve ~ but don’t allow yourself to wallow. Maybe every Wednesday is wailing Wednesdays, when you get to sob uncontrollably all day long. But when Thursday rolls around, brush yourself off and give yourself permission to experience Joy. Go bowling. Watch a funny movie. Meet your friends for a lunch date. Pick wildflowers in a field. Don’t let your loss define your entire existence – of course you will have moments often for years to come, but do your best to brush yourself off and find Joy in your day.

11. Get outside and exercise. If you can’t get motivated, ask someone else to make you accountable.

12. Do something silly. Play on the swings like you’re five again. Stand on your hands and have someone take a picture of you. Paint your toenails green. Get your face painted. Shoot silly string at your best friend when she isn’t expecting it. Dance when nobody else is dancing. It’s okay. People know you’re grieving, so your friends will give you a long leash.

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